NETWORKING: Any ideas on how to network with other nurses in Florida?

  1. Any Florida nurses know of networking opportunities? I keep reading and hearing that the most effective way to conduct a job search is through networking. I am not certain how to go about networking in person with other RNs in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. Yes, we are able to network online with our computers, thanks to And I recently learned about, so I joined that. But I want to be able to meet other local fellow RNs face to face. Want to meet other nurses in person.

    FYI, since I am unemployeed and have been unemployeed for quite awhile since my current job search is taking forever, I can not afford to join some organization with $300 a year membership dues. Nor can I afford to take $200 continuing education courses. Money is really tight. So, I'm interested to learning about networking opportunities that would be free or low cost. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated!

    Also, while we are on the topic of networking, have any of you been successfull in landing a nursing job thanks to networking??
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