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Mercy Hospital In Miami, good place for nurses?

  1. 0 So I'm planning on moving to Florida and was considering hospitals. One of the hospitals that caught my attention was Mercy Hospital in Coral Gables. One main reason was because it is a Magnet hospital. I know that the nurses must be happy for the hospital to acheive such an honor, but I also know that they were recently acquired by HCA. I've heard nothing but horror stories about HCA. So I wanted to know if anyone who has worked there before and/or since the acquisition can shed some light on what it's like there now. Are the nurses still happy. How does it feel to make a set salary regardless of your years of experience there? Is this a place I should stay away from? Please advise. Thanks
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    First question Do
    u speak spanish ?????? absolute requirement even management human resource wont touch you if you don't
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