MDC Accelerated Nursing Program~ FALL 2012 - page 3

Hello everyone!! I got accepted into the accelerated program at MDC :) I would like to start a thread so we all can start getting acquainted...I received the acceptance email on the 3rd...It has... Read More

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    hello, do they require to buy the book for CPR class? far as health insurance do we need to give a copy to the Nursing office?

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    Hi sil2012

    I had my cpr class today and we did not use any book!!
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    thank you for your response...
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    on the other mdc thread was mentioned to attend a workshop on 8/14....does anyone knows about this?
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    Prof. Salvador just sent us Monday's lecture notes..can't wait to meet you all!!...Lets all focus on succeeding!!!...Good luck to everyone!!...Lets do this!
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    Hi sil2012 i recently applied to MDC Nursing for spring 2013 and I'm nervous I didn't get in I have a GPA 3.05 teas 76.7 overall 76.52. do you think I have a chance of getting in? and if so what round? how many rounds are there? what was the lowest score that you know got in?

    I will greatly appreciate anyone response I'm extremely nervous and anxious to know if I got in or not.
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    Hello. I would like to know the retention rate for mdc accelerated nursing program. How many started and how many actually graduate on track? I know its a very difficult program with only 1 yr to finished it. Thanks

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