March 2013 Holy Cross GN Residency Hopefuls Ft-Lauderdale, FL

  1. Hi everyone. I recently graduated in December with a BSN and have started looking for a job. I know that's a little optimistic especially since I have not even sat for the NCLEX; nonetheless I very motivated and hoping for the best. I applied for the March 2013 residency at Holy Cross in December and am curious to see how many people here that applied. So please comment if you applied so we can support each other during the process. Also if anyone has been through the program please comment and let us know your thoughts or experiences. Thanks.
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  3. by   FlaRN12
    Hey NurseKitty2013! I also applied for the March 2013 Residency. Good Luck!
  4. by   NurseKitty2013
    Great! Have you heard anything yet? I applied in December and have yet to hear anything back. By the way....good luck to all of us! ;-)
  5. by   FlaRN12
    No, I haven't. Hopefully this upcoming week or so we will all hear something.
  6. by   NurseKitty2013
    I hope so too. Did you apply to any other residency program? I was seriously considering applying for Orlando generals february program but I dont think I will have my license by then. I am still waiting on my nursing program to send my documents to the board of nursing so I can get my letter to test.
  7. by   FlaRN12
    Yeah well the nurse recruiter for Holy Cross is out of the office until next week that's why I guessed that. I graduated in May 2012 so I'm already licensed but Fl BON is pretty fast so hopefully everything works out.
  8. by   NurseKitty2013
    Yeah. I hope so but the waiting is killing me. :-)
  9. by   FlaRN12
    Yeah that are not that many post here on allnurses with information about this program so we all playing the waiting game =/
  10. by   NurseKitty2013
    I'm surprised that there isn't that much information out there about it. I looked everywhere and got nothing. :-(
  11. by   FlaRN12
    Yeah. I know there only selecting 4-6 candidates and the units. That's about it...
  12. by   NurseKitty2013
    What unit are you interested in? I like ICU, ER, or worst case senario medsurg tele.
  13. by   FlaRN12
    I actually don't mind & prefer med/surg. The only options they have are med/surg, ortho, L&D and I believe the last one was rehab services
  14. by   NurseKitty2013
    Well I wouldn't mind medsurg or L/D. Either obe woupd be fine.