March 2013 Holy Cross GN Residency Hopefuls Ft-Lauderdale, FL - page 2

Hi everyone. I recently graduated in December with a BSN and have started looking for a job. I know that's a little optimistic especially since I have not even sat for the NCLEX; nonetheless I very motivated and hoping for the... Read More

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    What unit are you interested in? I like ICU, ER, or worst case senario medsurg tele.

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    I actually don't mind & prefer med/surg. The only options they have are med/surg, ortho, L&D and I believe the last one was rehab services
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    Well I wouldn't mind medsurg or L/D. Either obe woupd be fine.
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    I wanted to apply but it looks like they closed it. Have you girls heard anything?
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    No not yet. Hopefully we hear something this week.
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    Quote from NurseKitty2013
    No not yet. Hopefully we hear something this week.
    Well good luck honey!

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