LPN Opportunities Palm Coast, Ocala, Daytona or ?

  1. We are re-locating back to Florida from Missouri .My wife is a 2008 graduated LPN and will have almost 1 year experience by the time we get down there hopefully by the end of the year. She also holds a FL CMA license and worked in Dr Offices as a CMA in FL for a few years.

    Were not sure where we want to locate to. We dont want to be any further south than say Deland, Deleon Springs. We have thought about the Palm Coast area between Daytona and Palm Coast for example and Ocala area and in between.We want to be a little out from the city if possible. Were very rural now and would like to stay somewhat rural down there. We left because of the rat race and now were leaving MO because of the cold. It just stays cold a couple months too long.

    If you can offer some input, opinions to locations we might consider and what opportunities she might face considering her experience and license status. Were shooting for after the first year she takes a break from work and goes back to school and get her BSN
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  3. by   bethinct
    What happened? We are thinking of moving to pc as well. I am a LPN with 5 years experience. Wondering how the job market is as well as jobs for nursing right in pc
  4. by   Crubinunez
    I work at Leesburg Regional, very rural area and they hire alot of LPNs. I also heard of LPNs working at Winter Haven Hospital which is like going towards tampa. You might want to check those hospitals out.