Keiser University and cost of living

  1. Hi everyone! I read many threads, but this is my first posting. I can't say how much this site has helped already!
    I was accepted in January '11 into Keiser's ADN program, core classes to start Jan '12 (right around the corner, time has flown!). I have three more classes to take starting in August then I am done with my pre-reqs. I won't have an issue getting federal loans for those classes, and will still be able to work part time to cover living expenses. Here is my dilemma: what am I supposed to do come January? I am having trouble getting a solid answer from Keiser because it is still 6 months away. I will not be able to work, and I don't have good enough credit or a co-signer for private loans (tried MANY times). Keiser has a guaranteed loan program that allows you to borrow up to the cost of education, but based on the figures I worked, that does not leave anything left over (not even sure if it will cover all the schooling as it is). I am aware that Keiser is expensive. I have weighed Brevard Community College and at the time it was not right for me and my goals. I am going to revisit the option, but as of right now I am looking for advice and experiences directly dealing with Keiser. Has anyone been in my shoes and made it through Keiser? Were they able to assist you in getting all the loans you needed? Is it possible to borrow as much as possible come August ans save the extra, since I have not yet borrowed this year? Thank you in advance!
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