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    Hi, I am looking into Jersey college school of Nursing in Jacksonville, Florida.

    I have talk with this school for the last 6 weeks on the phone. I have fax over all my paper work. I paid for my application fee all ready.So the next step, I will be going down to the school first week of April to sit down face to face. What I want to know has anyone ever gone to this school and finish? Was it hard? where they helpful? Do they try fail people for no go reason?

    I will be relocating to Florida for school, the cost is $24,000 at this time. They will only take for my classes. I am okay with that. Please respone help follow LPN to RN out, Thanks everyone.
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    I attend this school April 2011 when it was called "The Center for Allied Health & Nursing Education" in the Hackensack, NJ Campus for the LPN Program . I loved the school. Most teachers explained everything well and the exam reflected what was discussed in class. I would've went back for the LPN to RN program but it was starting later than another school I was looking into and I was eager to become an RN. I would try not to focus so much on what people say about the school. The school I went to for my ADN I was told not to attend and that I wouldn't make it out. But i knew what my goal was and I was determined to get out in a year and made it my priority. It had its challenges but I graduated November 2013 as planned.
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    Thank you for answering and this really help me. I have heard some bad stories about the school but I can't wait on anyone wait list anymore. So I will be relocating to Florida.
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    That's one of the benefits of this school. When I started in April 2011 I was interested in nursing March of 2011 after seeing this nurse catheterize a male patient and he was so knowledgeable and I applied and got accepted 3 weeks later. I lived in NY at the time and commuted to NJ. It is possible that some concepts may not come easily to you or that an instructor explanation isn't sufficient but that only means that more work is needed on your part; either it be self study or another classmate's explanation. But if you put in the work I am confident you will get out of there in time. :-)
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