jacksonville University Nursing

  1. Hi i wanted to know who applied For Ju in the fall 2010
    or have been accepted to the program is it a god program over there
    thank you i appled and i got a interview in the next 2 weeks
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  3. by   waitingtobeanurse
    I applied to JU for the fall of 2010. I have an interview this coming Monday. Wish we had a heads up what the interview process was all about. Like what they will be asking and what they are looking for.
  4. by   Nelflower
    mines on wednesday all i know is that they will give 15 minutes to answer questtions after the interview

    i wish i knew if it was one interviewer or a group good luck
  5. by   waitingtobeanurse
    Hey good luck to you as well. I thought we had to write an essay after the interview, based on the questions on our initial application.
  6. by   Nelflower
    yeah your right after the interview they give us the question that was on the application
  7. by   waitingtobeanurse
    Hey just did my interview. It was a group session, where 6 questions were asked and you gave your answers. Then the essays were written after the questions. The whole process took maybe 45-50 minutes. Now we have to wait to see who will be selected in June.
  8. by   Nelflower
    were you a little nervous
    wow group session interesting kind of scary but have to face it
    thanks for informing hope you get in
    are you from jacksonville
  9. by   waitingtobeanurse
    Actually since it was done in a group it sort of took the edge off the nervousness, and it was relaxing. There were 4 of us, the questions were not hard just mostly life experiences and leadership. No I am not from Jacksonville, I moved here 5 years ago. I am a transfer student from FCCJ/FSCJ. I hope we all get in really, it was alot of hard work to get where we are right now. Good luck to you on Wednesday you will do fine I am sure.
  10. by   Nelflower
    aww thanks
  11. by   IrishNurseHopeful79
    It was nice to see this post since I'm going for my interview tomorrow. Did they let you pick the essay question? Or did they pick it, which one was it? Just curious...Good luck to you both
  12. by   Nelflower
    no you dont pick but they give you the questions its the one from the application
  13. by   waitingtobeanurse
    Hi, no they select the question for you. Since there were only 4 people in my session 2 people each had the same questions. The questions in the interview is your own opinions so there is really no right or wrong answers. And the essay is your own reflection of the topic at hand. I can honestly say I am just curious what they were looking for through this process. I am just happy this part is over.
  14. by   Nelflower
    so basically everyone had a turn to speak and while they ask the questions
    everyone is ask the same question and reply in front of other candiates

    when u mean group u mean 4 candates and how many staff