Jackson Training Center in Homestead Fl.?

  1. Hello everyone!

    I am interested in becoming a CNA in the very near future and was looking for a school or training center that is not too expensive and close to home. A friend of mine told me about Jackson Training/Resource Center in Fla. City, Florida that offers CNA training and state testing; however, I cant really find any information about this place online. I was wondering if anyone has attended this training center, or if anyone knows someone who has attended it. I would like to know how the program works, what the curriculum includes, if the cost includes a book, materials, uniform, etc. Is it helpful and thorough in information and training, are the instructors helpful and dedicated. I would appreciate any information available on Jackson Training/Resource Center in Fla.City, Florida.

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  3. by   ArronD
    I'm also interested can someone post info on this facility? I undersatnd they are prometric authorized testing site as well....

    I saw to addresses for Jackson Training does anyone know which is correct?

    224 Washington Ave Ste 13, Homestead, FL. Phone: 305-248-6780
    124 SE 1st Rd # A Homestead, FL 33030-7357 - (305) 248-6890

    Thank you
  4. by   SouthernAsh
    I live in Homestead but, I know nothing about this place nor have I ever heard of it. I am going to Nursing School at Miami Dade at the Homestead campus to become a RN. Have either of you looked into doing that? Or that is just not what you want to do?
  5. by   lylmizzcisca
    I wish I could attend Miami-DAde but I cant get financial aid there and i cant afford it right now.

    To anyone else wondering about Jackson Training Center, I havent signed up but I did visit the school to find out some info and this is what I learned: It's a 2 week CNA program, the first week is all bookwork and learning things such as patient rights, domestic violence, HIV/AIDS etc. The second week is learning all of the skills. After the 2 weeks, you have as much lab time as you need to practice the skills until you feel you are ready to take the state exam to become certified, I Was told that students usually take 3-4 weeks of practicing before they feel comfortable and familiar enough with the skills to take the state exam. The cost of the program is $400, you have to have atleast $200 to sign up and have to have the other $200 by the second week of the course. You also need to have I believe it was $127 to register for the state exam (btw, the state exam is also done at the actual school). Also you have to pay for the CPR class seperately which is $40 dollars i think. They have like a special bundle i think it was $80 dollars and it includes the CPR course, OSHA, Alzheimers, HIV/AIDs, and domestic violence certificates, im not certain on that though so youd wana double check that part.
  6. by   lylmizzcisca
    ohh and Arron, its the second one.
  7. by   Jackson Training Ctn
    See the link attached under the feedback section, there is a small sample of what some former students thought about their training here at Jackson Training Center.


    Mr. Jackson
  8. by   JessyVMia
    I just finished my training at Jackson Training Institute. It is a two week program which goes over all the basics and the essential skills that will be on the state exam. After you have put in the application to take the test with the state, you can go back and practice your skills as many times as you want until your test date. You also have the option of taking the test there which helps because you are familiar with the skills lab already. I have nothing but good things to say about them- everyone was extremely kind, helpful & knowledgeable- Mr. & Mrs. Jackson, the teachers, and the students were all great! I really enjoyed my time there and am getting ready to practice, practice, practice for my state exam.
  9. by   JessyVMia
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