Is anyone here starting Valencia RN program in Fall 2013? - page 3

I am starting this to hopefully meet some other students, to get more knowledge from others and share information. I can't wait to start, and it will be 2 years of waiting this Fall!! Thank you and... Read More

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    check your email they just sent it recently! I got accepted!
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    I just checked it!! I got in!!yea!! Congrats josie! And to everybody else
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    I got in too. I'm so nervous now. Now I have to give my job notice...I need to buy a car because I was using company car and I will have to pay for gas now lol. I really want to do this and congrats to all who got in. Those who didn't get in hang tight for next semester. God bless!
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    I got one too. But I dont know if I want to go with it or not. Because I really want to do the concurrent if I do go to Valencia. Does anyone know how easy or hard it is to be accepted?
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    If you go on ucf nursing website (directto connect) it says the requirements. I know you have to have at least a 3.0 and I think the only take 20 students in fall. About a month ago they should have sent you an email for the application process too with the deadline. I hope that helps!good luck!
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    Thanks, I just ended up talking to the Ucf advisor Alton. And he advised me to apply for the concurrent, but I chose to just take the other route (Valencia then transfer after) because looking at it, it only takes off one semester for me if I start in the summer.

    There must be a lot of people not accepting their seats because I looked back and Valencia admitted me for Spring 2014. Yet now I'm starting classes in summer 2013 !!!!
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    People go to other schools because of the wait lists @ Valencia. My initial start time was fall 2013, last semester they sent me an invite for spring 2013 but couldn't attend at the time. I'm just happy I get to do this. My sister goes to SSC seminole state college the concurrent program is very intense, but manageable. Good luck all.
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    wow! Your right there must be a lot of people not able to start sooner for you to be bumped up that much. Normally it's just a semester! I start summer 2014 so that's actually great news!!!
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    By now I'm pretty sure everyone is excited and nervous just like me I'm assuming. Did you guys get everything completed?
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    I need to do a physical which I will finish Tuesday and cpr left.
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    Oh cool. I had my physical done and I will go back to get TB read on Friday before orientation. I did my CPR so i'm pretty much done with everything. Just so nervous...I have questions for anyone here...Do you guys know anyone from this program? I just some questions and I would like to speak to someone in the program or who graduated from the program.
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    I am so excited!! I signed up for CPR course at valencia on April 6th, and my tb read on sat morning, and that's it. I am sure they will go over their expectations during orientation. Good luck!
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    I feel like I'm so behind. My doctor appointment is on Sunday, CPR on Saturday, and I haven't done the background and all that yet! Can't wait to meet everyone tomorrow morning though!

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