Is 2 hr medical error c.e course requirement?? - page 2

I'm trying to register to sit for the nclex and came across a section on the application stating I would need 2 hrs of c.e. to take the exam. I tried registering for the exam on but need... Read More

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    Yes, the 2hrs prevention of medical errors course is mandatory for all nurses applying for licensure in Florida. There are many online options. I took mine at and was able to print my certificate upon completion. The board didn't ask for a copy of the certificate but I sent it anyway just in case. Good luck!

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    Yes it is required in the State of Florida. My Medication Errors Course was completed while I was in school. Contact your school to see if they have it on file.
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    I graduated in MN and knew I was moving here, so to apply for my licence here I had to take the 2 hr med prevention class, I took it online from the website it is free, you have to print out the completion certificate and email it to FBON make sure the certificate has this number referenced: FBON CE Provider Number: 50-928. This web site has all of the approved comanies you can take this class online, it only takes 30 min. or so to do.

    I hope this helps.

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