Is 2 hr medical error c.e course requirement??

  1. I'm trying to register to sit for the nclex and came across a section on the application
    stating I would need 2 hrs of c.e. to take the exam. I tried registering for the exam on but need a license number to even register. what the heck is going on???????

    MANDATORY CONTINUING EDUCATION REQUIREMENT Completion of a two-hour course on Prevention of Medical Errors is required prior to licensure. This course must be from an approved Florida Board of Nursing provider.

    I attest I have completed a 2 hour course in the Prevention of Medical Errors as required by Florida

    I have NOT completed a 2 hour course in the Prevention of Medical Errors as required by Florida Statute and I understand that I will not be made eligible to take the exam until I submit proof of completion.
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  3. by   APBT mom
    You should have taken that in school. We were given little certificates for that and the others as proof in case we get audited by the BON. Call the school you graduated from and ask for a copy to keep just in case. Just click that you've taken it if you're sure that you have you don't have to send proof unless they send you something asking you specifically for it.
  4. by   Misty1334
    I just took mine online at

    60033d -2.0 hrs
    Preventing Medical Errors: Florida Requirement

    They have the HIV, and Domestic Violence courses too. I pd $34.- for unlimited "State Req'd" courses. You download PDFs for the courses, read over them, and then take the test - no time limit. When you're finished you just save the PDF certificate for your records. It does ask you for a license number after the test - I just typed in "STUDENT" and it took it.

    Hope this helps !
  5. by   laura24a
    Hi! I was actually wondering this too... I am about to graduate and I'm not quite sure what do to first. I printed out the FL state app., now do I send this out first or complete the 2 hr med error course online? (The appplication asks if you have completed the course). As someone mentioned above, it asks for a license number.

    Does anyone know?
  6. by   misswhitney
    I thought that I did not take it either, but apparently, it is intwined throughout the nursing program. Call your program, or ask your professor just to be sure, but you should be okay. =)
  7. by   laura24a
    Thanks! I wasn't aware of that but I don't think that applies to me because I am graduating from a nursing school in NY and I don't believe I ever took it. Do you know if it's true that you need a license number to complete the course online?
  8. by   misswhitney
    I don't think so. Are you trying to apply to get your license through Florida?
  9. by   laura24a
    Yes, I just graduated from a nursing school in NY, I am going to apply for my nursing license in Florida. I'm pretty confused about this all :-/ I'm not quiet sure what to do first.
  10. by   misswhitney
    I would talk to an advisor or call the FL BON. I am pretty sure if you had dosage calc tests, that that counts and they did not ask me for any proof (not sure if my nursing school sent it to them or not).
  11. by   Ace587RN
    usually the school has it, i would request a copy from them
  12. by   DCamposRN
    Yes, the 2hrs prevention of medical errors course is mandatory for all nurses applying for licensure in Florida. There are many online options. I took mine at and was able to print my certificate upon completion. The board didn't ask for a copy of the certificate but I sent it anyway just in case. Good luck!
  13. by   Mrsearly2009
    Yes it is required in the State of Florida. My Medication Errors Course was completed while I was in school. Contact your school to see if they have it on file.
  14. by   crstory4
    I graduated in MN and knew I was moving here, so to apply for my licence here I had to take the 2 hr med prevention class, I took it online from the website it is free, you have to print out the completion certificate and email it to FBON make sure the certificate has this number referenced: FBON CE Provider Number: 50-928. This web site has all of the approved comanies you can take this class online, it only takes 30 min. or so to do.

    I hope this helps.