IN IPN for 2DUIS, no restrictions, have a job, looking for another

  1. I've been in IPN for over a year for two DUI's. I have no restrictions, I even got approval to work OT. I've worked at the same facility for 3.5 years now. They were very supportive of me and welcomed me back with open arms when IPN cleared me for work. Problem is It's in the small, retirement town of venice fl and I can't stand living in venice any longer. I want to move to Tampa fl and am currently seeking employment in that erea. I've only sat for two interviews so far, one job I wasn't going to get either way and I did disclose IPN.THe Interviewer said that was no problem, however, I'm 6,2 240 lbs of competitive bodybuilder and sometimes people don't like to give me bad news to my face & the man's body language didn't match his words at all. During the other interview I said nothing about IPN but I never heard back. THey did ask if I had been disiplined or my lisence santioned and it hasn't been. It's clear and active.ANy advice or experience searching for work with an IPN contract without restrictions would be appreciated.
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