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Hello all, I thought I would start a thread for those of us applying to HCC's Spring 2013 nursing program. I am a Veterinary Technician/stay at home mom. I'm gathering everything for my application and hoping to drop it off at... Read More

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    Quote from cjacoby
    Anyone from Plant City? I haven't heard a peep since I got my orientation letter...
    Yes I got the email for plant city afternoon...

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    From certified background or the professor?
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    Quote from cjacoby
    From certified background or the professor?
    From cb and Mrs Hering
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    Ladies, do you have any recommendations for what kind of shoes is better to get. Since we will be spending long hours in a hospital , I want to get the most comfortable shoes. Thanks !!!
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    Anybody know of a scrub brand that carries Port Wine scrubs? I know they made it clear that it had to be port wine, I see wine online but not port wine. Anybody have suggestions or is port wine that much different from regular wine?
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    Please let me know when you find out. I know Koi has really nice wine pants, but I am not sure if they are port wine or just wine
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    Quote from wantobnurse
    Please let me know when you find out. I know Koi has really nice wine pants, but I am not sure if they are port wine or just wine
    No problem I will, I'm going to go into stores and check, I found a thread on here for HCC 2009 nursing they said that Landau has port wine scrubs and koi, and just looking at the color it does look like the ones the nursing students wear around campus. I will double check tho. I dont think any online site actually list Port wine, they keep it general. those two companies passed the eye test to me.
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    I just saw these and thought of you guys...with the port wine color.

    Dickies Medical Gen Flex Youtility Cargo Scrub Pant #857455
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    Instructors names are available on the HCC web .... GOOD LUCK !!!!
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    Hi I just purchased scrubs today from Uniform City in Tampa. The brand that I purchased was Cherokee and for that brand the color is actually called Port Wine. However they did have other brands but the colors was not listed as port wine (just wine) so the colors were slightly different (some lighter and some darker).
    Hopes this helps
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