HESI Entrance Exam questions

  1. Hi,

    I am taking my HESI Entrance Exam this week for Edison State College and am hoping someone can give me some tips on what I should be prepared for on the test? Multiple choice, fill in the blank, matching, etc. I have the Evolve Reach study guide and I am wondering if the sample questions are a good reflection of the actual test? Any info really would be much appreciated!
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  3. by   patricia0809
    im taking my test next month at edison state college and im studying now.. i took the test before in march and didnt pass!!! i have to be honest i didnt really study for it..there are 55 questions for vocab..reading...and math i believe and 35 or 30 for A&p and biology..its mainly multiply choice but a few fill ins for math...the book really isnt that great..if u have a biology book or A&P book u can review that..well let me know how you did!! Good Luck
  4. by   FairBrittania
    Thanks for the tips! I take my test tomorrow morning and have mainly been reviewing my Human bio book and notes. I've only taken A&P 1 and JUST finished the class, so that's all still fresh in my mind. I've gone over the reading and vocab and don't think I'll have any trouble there (it looks pretty easy - going by the study book).
    The only thing I'm not feeling great about is the A&P section, since I haven't taken A&P 2 yet.

    Thanks for the input! Hope your second attempt is a success!!! =)
  5. by   patricia0809
    How did you do?
  6. by   FairBrittania
    I got an 86.86% overall and the average for the group was an 80. I got an 88 on the A&P section, so I was pretty happy about the outcome.
    I thought the math, grammar and reading sections were a direct reflection of the prep book, so I was actually glad I'd gotten it and used it to study for those areas.

    Good luck on your test!
  7. by   patricia0809
    congrat!!! thats pretty good..how was the vocab? that was the hardest part for me...alot of the words arent in the book when i took it
  8. by   Ethanpark
    Are there practice exams? I would be great to "test" out the difficulty of the questions before the exam so I know how to prepare.

  9. by   patricia0809
    no not really..hesi doesnt have any practice exams except for the ones that are in the back of the book...
  10. by   Halz2007
    Congrats on your success i had failed the first attempt in the HESI by 2 points but then the 2nd time i studied i passed i used the west coast university study guide PDF it has the Evolve tips and study guide plus 10 x more sample questions.
  11. by   jpet101
    Thanks for the info
  12. by   jpet101
    How do i get my hands on this west coast guide?
  13. by   OcalaMom
    there is a link for it, here... http://www.westcoastuniversity.edu/u...m%20Review.pdf. Hope that helps.
  14. by   K nurse-one-day
    Can anyone tell me what king of math is on the HESI A2?