Has anyone heard back from FSU (Florida State University) nursing yet? - page 8

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I've been waiting to receive my acceptance (hopefully) letter in the mail and I have yet to get it. According to their website, it was supposed to arrive in approximately 6 weeks from Feb. 1. Its going opn 8 weeks now and I was... Read More

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    I just called CON, and they said that FSU students get priority over transfer students. They wouldn't tell what ave GPA for acceptance!
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    Suejax, your GPA is so high, it had to be because of the transfer status. so sorry
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    FSU has been my first choice, and I couldn't admit the fact I didn't get in. But I need to go to Plan B. Good luck to your daugher!
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    That's absolutely awful! I finally got my letter and like I thought, no good news. Man, I envy those FSU students! I'm seriously starting to consider a private school just for a better chance! Thanks for the encouragement and good luck, everyone!
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    I'm sorry suejax, I really thought you would too. Where are you planning on going?
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    pleadingandpraying - what was your gpa?
    i am thinking usf accelerated program. i got into summer term and will be graduating next year august, but it's a lot of work!! i got into ucf fall term.. but we will see..
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    I have a 3.52 total and 3.8 on pre-reqs. That's two schools down for me! Well, at least now I'll have plenty of time to better myself and my gpa!
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    It sucks, I'm sorry
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    Rejected with a 3.4!!! I knew I wasn't going to get in because I didn't complete the foreign language requirement the school has. And Florida state schools hate out of state students, NY in the house. CONGRATS TO EVERYONE!!! I was thinking about U of Miami and pay a boat load of money, about $100,000 for two years.
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    I really don't think paying 100k for nursing school is a good idea lol...It would take over 2 years of work just to pay that off. In my opinion, I think you should look at ny school options. Good luck !

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