Galen School of Nursing I have Major questions please help

  1. Im moving to the St.Pete area and I am looking for a Nursing school. I was told Galen was a great school and to look them up which I did and I also googled them and found a forum FULL of nightmare stories about Galen. That the school is racist and it should be avoided! There were so many students relating the same stories of how they were failed and the school puts on a good face but it's a total nightmare. I was impressed at first and also liked the fact the school was close to where my new home will be. I was also looking at Rasmussen college which I haven't heard much about. Can some one please give me some insight on this school.Did u go there. Is it as bad as it sounds? I know Nursing school will be difficult but I cant afford to make a mistake. Im a single Mom and I need to get the ball rolling to support my family. Thank U
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    While I am not a student at Galen College of Nursing, I work very closely with Galen College and have spent a lot of time on their campuses. During my time working with Galen College of nursing I have seen firsthand not only their commitment to diversity in the workplace but their commitment to fostering a more diverse community of nursing professionals throughout the United States.
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    Thank You!
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    I went there for my LPN and am in 4th quarter of my RN.. It's a nursing school! So it's going to be extremely hard. As long as you are motivated as devoted, you will so fine! And I love Galen. It's just like any other school though. There are teachers you like and teachers you don't.