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  1. by   Trishamarie554
    FSU doesnt look at spring semester grades but yeah i dont understand why they cant just let more transfers in. They probably let go so many good candidates for people who are already at fsu.
  2. by   KittyL0ve
    Hey all! I am a current FSU student and I also applied for the ABSN. Haven't heard anything yet except that we should expect mail sometime this week or early next week! Good luck to everyone
  3. by   Trishamarie554
    Well i dont see much hope for me. I called and they said the letters are going out tomorrow. The average gpa for those who got accepted as transfers was 3.9 and the average science gpa was 3.99.......... ridiculous how competitive these schools are
  4. by   KittyL0ve
    Trisha are those stats for the traditional BSN program or the accelerated BSN? I was told when I started my application that the average traditional BSN GPA was around a 3.8 and that the average ABSN GPA was around a 3.5 or 3.6. I don't think the stats could have changed that much unless I was given misinformation. I know they value science GPA more than overall, however.
  5. by   KittyL0ve
    Btw in the past they only accepted about 32 students each year (for ABSN, at least) so 18 transfers is a really high number
  6. by   Trishamarie554
    Those are the stats for traditional BSN transfers. They didnt know the stats before because this is the first year they will accept from their pool of nursing students who were accepted out of high school. I called yesterday and thats what they told me. They accepted 25 kids so theres no waitlist.
  7. by   O_Boy
    Trisha are you saying that they accepted 25 High Schoolers at the freshman level and the attrition number for the transfers is 18. I know they had over 300 applications in the pot when i was advised and inquired. Also since they started taking freshman at FSU does that mean that the 18 transfers have to come from non-FSU transfers?
  8. by   Trishamarie554
    There are 18 spots but since they dont have a waiting list for transfers they accepted 25 knowing some people will not end up attending. letters go out today. Transfer means transferring from another school to fsu. your not a transfer if your at fsu unless you had a different major and didnt get in the program as a freshman
  9. by   nurseyoyo17
    OMG well my hopes are officially not up my average GPA is 3.71 but may be higher since I am transferring from an out of state college (but not higher by much) but... i do have a 4.0 in my science pre-reqs. with two more science pre-reqs to finish before the program starts. Although I know my chances are not high I still wish to get in but will not be surprised if i am denied I too called and was told only 30 spots were available for the BSN traditional program with 350 applicants. so Im not holding my breath :'(
  10. by   xmadmoizellex
    Wow, it was so competitive this year if the average GPA was a 3.9! I doubt I made the cut either.
  11. by   Nolesnurse
    I applied to the accelerated nursing program for fall 2013 and I got in!! I called the nursing school and explained that I couldn't wait until this weekend for the letter because another university that I had gotten into needed the deposit today, but I couldn't confirm my attendance there because of FSU. They said i could come into the office and they would tell me my decision. FSU is my first choice so I will be going! In case you're curious, I am already an FSU student, I graduate this may and my science gpa was a 3.87 and overall I had a 3.66. I also currently working as a nursing assistant. Good luck to everyone!! I hope everyone gets in too
  12. by   nurseyoyo17
    i called them today and they said there was a slight delay and decisions were not not posted nor given to the admissions office. But that was for the traditional BSN so it could be different...Congrats though Nolesnurse!! so you had to go in face to face to get their decision on you application? do you know why they didnt want to tell you over the phone?
  13. by   kmp23
    Yeah the reg BSN is different. I just came from CON and said the accelerated letters were mailed out today. I didn't get in so I am happy I have backup schools.

    Congrats Nolesnurse!!! My friend was in the program and she said it was tough but very rewarding. Enjoy your freedom now.