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FSCJ LPN Summer 2011 Accepted

  1. 0 Hi all,

    I just received my ACCEPTANCE packet into the Summer LPN 2011 program at FSCJ. My first choice was the RN program but I have not heard anything from the RN program yet. I still have my fingers crossed! Has anyone else been accepted or has anyone been through FSCJ's LPN program? What does the job market look like for LPNs?

    Thanks everyone
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    I have applied to the summer 2011 LPN program at FSCJ too. I'm still waiting to hear back from them. Hopefully it won't be too much longer before I know one way or the other. Congratulations!
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    How do you apply to this program? I cant find it on the website and I can't get any one to help me on campus. If you have any pointers I'd greatly appreciate it. Also, do you know if I've missed the deadline for summer?
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    This is the link to the FSCJ website with the information about the LPN program. http://catalog.floridacoastcareertec...d=19&poid=4005

    Also, the deadline for the summer term was Feb 1st of this year. For the Fall I believe the deadline is June 1st.

    I applied to both the RN and LPN program and ended up getting accepted into both of the programs. I declined my LPN seat and took the RN seat.

    Good Luck 2 u!
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    hey i am applying to the fall term 2012 and was wondering what your scores were for the tabe and gpa. i will end up with 9/10 points do you think that will be enough? did they tell you guys the cut off score or how many people applied?........sorry for all of the questions but i cannot seem to get answers
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    I applied to the LPN program at FSCJ on 11/28/12 and I was exempt from the T.A.B.E, I just don't know what my rank is now. Am I not going to get points for the T.A.B.E or will I be high ranked since I have my General A.A