FSCJ LPN/Paramedic to RN Bridge 2013 Hopefuls

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    A place for students applying to the RN bridge program at FSCJ to share information.

    Admission to this program requires the completion of the HESI A2 exam offered only at FSCJ North Campus.

    The application deadline for this program is February 1st.

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    Do you know anyone that is or was previously in the bridge program? I have not found a lot of information on the bridge and the postings that I've seen have not been encouraging.

    Interested in knowing if the program is days, days and nights, weekends?

    I wasn't able to attend the meeting pertaining to the program, so I'm not sure how much information was covered.

    Any info or advice would be much appreciated.
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    Are you applying for the program? I saw you posted a similar topic for a previous year, so I wasn't sure if you just posted for potential students. If you're not applying, do you know anyone applying? The site is hopping for the RN and LPN programs, but crickets for the bridge program.

    If you were familiar with what previous point cut offs were or how the program is in general? Any info would be much appreciated.

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    Hey dizzymoose, I applied for the bridge program on jan 4th. I feel ya that there is no one to relate to about applying for the bridge. Im just staying positive and praying that I get in.
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    Quote from kknight1
    Hey dizzymoose, I applied for the bridge program on jan 4th. I feel ya that there is no one to relate to about applying for the bridge. Im just staying positive and praying that I get in.
    Best of luck to you!!! I will be thrilled if I make it in this summer. I did well on the HESI, but my points from my prereq classes were not all that great. How I understand it is there are 24 spaces and 50 to 65 will apply. I live out of county and I think locals are considered first, so I've got that going against me. But, application is in and it's out of my hands.

    When you hear the news, be sure to share!
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    I made an 82.87 on the hesi. Not bad I guess. I took it twice and got the same score(how crazy is that?)And my grades are ok as well. What did you get on the hesi if you dont mind me asking? I have a friend who is in the current bridge class and she always tells me whats going on in the program. Im praying that I get in this summer. My job is putting pressure on us LPN's to go back to school so I really need this.
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    I got a 90 on the HESI, but my GPA points totaled 90.

    Does your friend remember what the cut off was when they applied? Any interesting tid bits your friend has shared regarding the program?

    I'm moving to jax beach, but I have to wait to find out about school before I look for a job. Can you recommend places I should look? I currently work in a pediatric office, but I'm hoping to find a hospital position. If that doesn't pan out then I'm going to look into home health.
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    My friend told me that in the beginnging the program is easy but the last semester is tough. It is nights and weekends. In the beginning they dont meet every weekend but that def changes as the program goes on. She doesn't remember what the cut off was but she had 175. In jax it's hard to land a LPN job at a hospital. I am very fortunate to be working in one.
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    Hello, I was accepted into the Summer bridge program. Does anyone know if the program is all night and weekends the entire 3 semesters?
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    what was on the HESI A2 exam? Do we have to know all of the sections including physics? I tried asking about the exam but the answers were vague. Some schools only test you on certain sections. I would like to know which parts are actually on the test, if not all? thanks!

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