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  1. by   fromjaxfl
    This question(s) is for N/W students currently in their first term at FSCJ. I read somewhere on this thread that Monday is always test day. Can you give me the specific times (start to finish) for each night and weekend? I want to make sure I have my schedule arranged accordingly because I work full time and have school-age children. Does it usually start at 6pm and ends at 9 or 10 or the teacher dismisses the class early sometimes? Are classes held from Monday to Friday and clinicals on Saturday? Thanks for the info. This will help me decide.
  2. by   AForgrave
    Mondays are tests they start at 6pm and the time they end depends on the number of tests you have. Each test is 1 hour. Night classes Tuesday-thursday 6-9 they usually don't get out early. Off Fridays and class on Saturday from 8am-130pm clinicals don't start until week 7 and will just take the place of your Saturday class.
  3. by   cherry_blossom
    Quote from FutureRN022
    I know!! Ahhh! Orientation is next week! I can do it....it's gonna be a BUSY next few days, but well worth it!
    Hi there! Where are the n/w classes held? Please advise...I heard they were at Deerwood....Im hoping they are. Congrats on nursing! How are your classes going?