Florida nurse/patient ratios in SNF

  1. Hello all;

    I am new to posting here but have frequently looked up topics of interest and
    have always felt so much better after reading all the great posts, words of
    advice and sympathy, and some really great funny stories.

    A basic introduction: I am an LPN, licensed since '05, and have always worked in LTC. I love it.
    Current job is on a secure unit with Alzheimer's/geri-psych patients. What
    I DON'T love is the patient load. One nurse, 37 patients. I work 3-11 and
    at least 5-6 of my patients aggressively sundown each afternoon. All but
    about 6 take meds crushed...and ALL require slow approach and lots of TLC
    to get them to take the meds at all. You all know the routine. Just to
    do my all to keep the patients as safe as I can and to get the meds passed
    means I am running all night, and still frequently have at least 3 incidents
    to report because of the behavior issues. There has been talk in the past
    about running 2 nurses on days and evenings, but it has never happened yet;
    I doubt it ever will happen because of the additional cost.

    What I would love to see happen is Florida Statutes be amended. Current
    maximum nurse/patient ratio is 1:40. I strongly believe that in any skilled
    nursing home a ratio of 1:30 is more realistic. Today I started trying
    to research how to start a petition in order to change this. Anyone have
    any experience or advice to share? I would appreciate it.
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