Florida A&M University Nursing Fall 2012

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    Has anyone applied for FAMU fall 2012 yet?

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    Quote from Joy Brittney
    Has anyone applied for FAMU fall 2012 yet?
    Yes I just applied May 14th (very close to the deadline) but i haven't gotten an email confirming that they received my application yet. Have you?
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    Yes @Kyliemt. U mailed yrs? Is this ur first time applying? U nervous?
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    No I haven't got an email confirming either. I turned it in in person though.....
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    I got an email confirming that they received my application. They said that they are going to be making their decisions on August 10, and that they will be doing interviews. I am worried because the last orientation day at FAMU is July 31st. I am a transfer student, so I will need to attend orientation. However, if we do not know if we are accepted yet, then what are we supposed to do. I live about 4 hours away so its not like I can drive there any time. Is anyone else worried about this problem?
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    @Hershey45 I would look more into if u have to go to the transfer student orientation.... Knowing famu there might be a loop hole around that since ur applying to the program and won't know if u will be attending or not depending on ur acceptance..
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    Hello Everyone first time posting. so here goes. Has anyone recieve their interview notice from Famu for fall 2012 and if so what should i expect. I've just received my email informing me that i need to call and set up a time for this interview.
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    yes i've applied and just got my notice for interview. hope i do well
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    @alisha00 when did u set up ur interview? Did they call u?
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    July 9th

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