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I applied for the fall of 2012 for florida International University and am just anxiously waiting for the answer if i got in. I have a 4.0 gpa, did some volunteer hours, my video came out alright :/ and pretty much passed my HESI... Read More

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    1 hr. and 22 min. =)

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    Still nothing here. :/ I am updating my email every 15 min. lol Ahhh *fingers crossed* and hoping for the best!! Good luck everyone we have an hour and few minutes left.
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    I'm starting to think that it's not gonna happen today. I don't see why they would wait till the last minute.
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    I'm sure they'll tell us today. They can't postpone it after having told us it would be today. They'll just email us at like 4:59 to make us suffer lol
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    28 minutes
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    It's not gonna happen. They must be getting ready to go home now.
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    I think they really do want to make us suffer! These 28 minutes are going to be the worst....
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    22 more minutes to go! It is being the longest day ever!!!!
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