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I applied for the fall of 2012 for florida International University and am just anxiously waiting for the answer if i got in. I have a 4.0 gpa, did some volunteer hours, my video came out alright :/... Read More

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    In complete agreement, lol. summer A grades are up at 9 AM, so we should be informed a couple hours after that!!!!

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    Good Morning!!!! Ah well today is the big day and finally the wait will be over!! Counting down the hours. Good luck to everyone
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    Same to you!!!!
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    Nothing here, yet
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    Roger that
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    Yeap still waiting :$
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    the staff's probably at lunch now. :/ Just a few more hours!!!!
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    3.25 hours at most now!!!! lol
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    Lol. I bet that They are gonna send them at 4:59pm. please let us know when u get the email. I'll do the same
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    I know, right???? That'd be wrong but pretty hilarious, and I sure will!

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