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I applied for the fall of 2012 for florida International University and am just anxiously waiting for the answer if i got in. I have a 4.0 gpa, did some volunteer hours, my video came out alright :/ and pretty much passed my HESI... Read More

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    I'm definitely counting down. I'm just so glad that we will all know soon. The anxiety is kicking in.
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    The days can't not go any slower!!!! lol :spin:
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    I am definitely counting down! I'm really glad that this wait will be over soon. I feel i haven't enjoyed my summer because i have been obsessing about this application. I really hope i get in. FIU is so competitive though. I can only imagine how I will feel on Tuesday every time my phone alerts me that I have an email.. Does anyone have any back up plans??
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    SAME HERE!!!! Vacation's no good if there's such anxiety over our shoulders
    I'm going to have my email open ALL DAY that day, lol
    I, unfortunately, do not have a back up plan. You?
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    Yeah me either lol, basically if i don't make it just take more classes ah i rather not think about it!!!!
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    WE'RE IN THE SAME BOAT. We're in this together!!!!! lol
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    I don't have a backup plan either. :/ I didn't have any other choice. Let's all hope for the better. I know that God will only choose what's best for me.
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    no more than 20 hours away!!!!!
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    omg the anxiety is too much!!!! lol
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