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FGCU Nursing 2010

  1. 0 Who was accepted to FGCU for the Fall 2010 BSN program? I figured we could all start chatting on here...
    Congrats everyone =D

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    Hi Julie! I chatted with you preciously on another post about FGCU. I have decided to attend their BSN program starting in the fall too. I'm looking forward to starting classes and hope to meet some new people...didnt take many prereq's there so I dont know anyone yet!

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    I don't know anyone at all, & I need a roommate for my condo if you're interested lol (fairly cheap cause it was foreclosed on) I want someone thats in the program to live with. I am so excited to start classes! its going to be hard work but worth it. I have never taken a class there because I'm a transfer student. Did you get in any other programs? What made you chose FGCU?
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    oh and do you have a facebook? I started a group on there =D
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    I was also accepted to Edison but chose FGCU because they had the BSN program. From what I hear FGCU has made a number of improvements to their program too and brought their NCLEX scores up quite a bit. It is a far commute for me (especially on clinical days) but I hope it will be worth it.

    No facebook yet....guess I need to catch up to the rest of the world!!!
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    lol so dont commute & live with me!! i need a roomie!! haha