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Has anyone else applied for the LPN program at Florida Gateway College in Lake City, FL to start in January? I am so nervous waiting to find out if I got in!!... Read More

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    That's awesome, 4 of 6! From what I've seen I have class three times a week and clinicals one...I'm so excited! I'm sure we will do plenty of suffering though, no way will we go without some unpleasantries in the hospitals lol

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    That's really good! I believe I have class 2 days and clinicals 2 days. But that's after the first month of just classes. I'm sure your clinicals will be way more intense than mine since you're doing RN though. Now I feel like I'm counting down for orientation & nobody in financial aid can tell me if I'm covered for LPN still. At least we should both get half of the summer off to relieve from stress. I'm sure it will be much needed. I thought about using December to read in advance (Although I'm a major procrastinator so sure it wouldn't happen). Everyone says you will want that time to relax though before you are really stuck in the books. Hopefully the year will just fly by like this one has!
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    I know what you mean I'm having trouble getting info on my scholarship. And I'm in the same boat, I've been planning on brushing up on my anatomy for months :/ lol

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