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Has anyone else applied for the LPN program at Florida Gateway College in Lake City, FL to start in January? I am so nervous waiting to find out if I got in!!... Read More

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    Eesh, I hate when teachers do that. Putting so much on tests isnt really fair considering anyone can have a bad test day. I hope you make it through though! yeah I know it'll be a while an everything I just don't think it makes sense to waste my time and fa for a ba that doesn't really mean anything. My whole family gave my cousin grief for getting a ba in women's studies, so getting one in liberal arts wouldn't go off so well lol

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    True, but you have to do what you want and any higher degree is good to have. I wanted my Bachelors in Health Service Administration, but if I'm an RN, I'd rather have it in nursing incase I decide to go further with it. I called FGC yesterday to see if they had set an exact date that acceptance letters will be sent out. She said anytime during the week of the 15th is fair game. So, that's no different than they said to begin with. So less than a month left!
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    Having a ba in health service admin is a good degree to have, my friend was doing that too but she stopped going to school. :/ I def agree that any higher degree is good to have but I don't want to use my fa for liberal arts. I feel like time is going by sooo slow. Usually it flys by, but of course I'm usually working and going to school and taking care of my kids do just sitting around waiting is killing me lol
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    I stopped working too & it gets so boring! Even after we find out that we DO get into the programs, time will still drag by til January. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one that will be balancing school and kids though. Mine are turning 3 & 5 this month. How old are yours? I think I'm mostly wanting to know so I can start slowly buying stuff. I feel like I'm constantly online looking at stethoscopes and other fun stuff lol.
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    Lol I know what you mean I just got my titers done and thinking about getting a blood pressure cuff and stethoscope... Problem is, I don't want to spend the money and not get in lol. I've got a 5 yr old and a 16 month old ... At least if we get in we will busy ourselves with getting ready for school, plus all the holidays lol
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    I was thinking the same thing.. I figured at least if I got them early I could get familiar with them since I'm pretty sure they will be our new best friends. Like you said though, I don't have the extra money to buy them & risk not getting accepted. Getting all your titers & stuff is probably a good idea. Luckily I had them done for NFCC & will have them if I don't get in. Have you heard anything about your other school yet? Even though my HESI scores were low at NFCC, I feel okay because there were only 3 days of HESI testing & there were maybe 10 people at the most on my day. I'm hoping that means not many people applied.
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    Yeah I figured that the titers aren't a waste even if I don't get in, can never be too safe and all that. I haven't heard anything yet, not expecting to for anothe 3-6 weeks but I have a really good score fore there program. Max there is 260 but 20 is exp points, I have a 224. The only thing is that they only reserve 10% of their seats for out of county. Last semester out of county students were getting denied with 223 points even though in county students were accepted with 190 points... I know my hesi wasn't the greatest at fgc but I think I read they only count the hesi if points are tied. I do know that at FSCJ about 400 ppl apply every semester and at fgc the same went for the rn program... Honestly I haven't done a lot of research on the LPN :/ hoping sooooo bad to be an rn first lol when are you supposed to hear from NFCC?
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    That's a really good score though so hopefully you will get into the RN program! All that county stuff is crazy. I wish all schools would just take the students who are best qualified. I'm not exactly sure when I will know about NFCC. They said "well before Thanksgiving". I'm going crazy trying to figure out when that is so I guess that letter will be a surprise. I'm just not expecting anything from either school til around November 15th.
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    I know I wish it was just the people who were best for it too. I feel like I'm getting punished for going to different schools and living somewhere that I actually feel safe. I hope you get into NFCC! That would mean no bridge to rn just getting it done maybe you'll hear from them before fgc and won't need to worry about their letter at all.
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    Yeah, NFCC gives preference for their area too & only takes twenty something people so I know how you feel. Luckily for FGC I just moved to Lake City. I know 2 years is a long time, but since we both have kids it could be easier going straight to RN instead of having to bridge. Part of me wanted to do LPN though just to be making money, but may not be worth it in the long run. I hope we both get accepted into both programs. It would be nice not having to read a rejection letter, even if we only pick one. lol. I'm ready to start checking the mail, but I know it's pointless til November.

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