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Has anyone else applied for the LPN program at Florida Gateway College in Lake City, FL to start in January? I am so nervous waiting to find out if I got in!!... Read More

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    Waiting definitely has merit lol but try fastweb.com it's great for scholarships and clearly state the requirements. I know that FSCJ only recently started having fa for summer but like you said, fgc just has it. It's all such a hassle, but I guess they figure they're giving us free money so we need to work it out ourselves lol

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    I will look at that & yeah, I'm deff not complaining about free money! lol
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    Eh, still the first week of October and I'm already sick of waiting! Lol Hope your classes are going well
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    I know!!! I just took the HESI in Madison yesterday so my wait officially begins. I didn't do so good on it this time, but oh well. What's meant to happen, will happen. My classes now aren't going as good as planned since I'm failing on class. I'm so scared of losing financial aid before January. I can't believe we still have a over a month til we find out! I don't like waiting to find out how we are going to spend the next year of two lol
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    Oh no, I hope you are able to bring your grade up. I think that you're financial aid will still be ok as long as your other classes are ok. I agree, whatever happens is supposed to happen I just wish time would pass faster lol
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    You're right. I just called and financial aid told me as long as I pass the others I should be okay. I'm dying waiting too! I'm kinda hoping they tell us a later date than they actually send them just so they don't have a million people calling up there. I feel like mid November is so far away!
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    Omg I so hope that's the case. From what I hear people flood the nursing office with phone calls around notification time. I'm glad your fa will be ok! What class are you havi g trouble with?
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    Yeah, I can see how people would wanna call every day because waiting is hard! It's Microeconomics that I'm just not getting. I wish I had not taken it online. I brought my accounting grade up. It's not that I was struggling in acct, I had just missed a homework & quiz since it's online too that affected my grade. Were you taking classes this semester too?
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    Micro economics just sounds awful. lol I know what you mean about wishing you hadn't taken it online. I've taken most of my classes online and sometimes you just learn the hard way. I did that with API, my professor was ridiculous. We had three majore tests in that class (each worth about 10% of our grade). Test 1 was chapters 1-8, test 2 were chapters 9-16 and the final was chapters 1-16...all with no study guide. I've never met anyone who could know that many chapters of tet forwards and backwards in just a few weeks. Needless to say not a single person passed those tests. My professor informed me that I had the highest test grades in the class and I made an F on all 3 tests! No I didn't take any classes this semester. I'm only about 10 classes away from an BA in liberal arts. I want to get my ASN and then my BSN and MSN, and I'd like to have FA for the BSN (because I want to apply for an out-of-state-college for their online program) so I'm just trying to do this step by step. If I don't get in anywhere this round I'm going to get a CNA license and work for a few months to boost my application scores.
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    It is! Our midterm & final equals 60% of our grade & if I can't pass the quizzes with an open book, my hopes aren't high for passing the class. lol. I don't know how you took Anatomy online! That is a hard class even on campus. That's smart of you to get your ASN before your bachelors though. It will take a lot of time and effort, but it will be worth every bit of it in the end!

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