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Has anyone else applied for the LPN program at Florida Gateway College in Lake City, FL to start in January? I am so nervous waiting to find out if I got in!!... Read More

  1. by   Tiffany110207
    I'm glad I'm not the only one. I ended up with 84 credits & for the same reason- changing majors. I lost my financial reason for the same reason though. At least with my bachelors they gave it back. I hope it covers all of my nursing though since I know you can only have it for a certain number of semesters. The RN to MSN path would be awesome. I guess that's why it's so competetive. When do you find out if you got into the RN program? I'm hating all this waiting too!
  2. by   sammiesoda
    From what I understand if I start a bachelors program I can get aid for that but since rn is an associates degree I can't. I'm glad I'm not alone too, sometimes people treat me like an idiot for losing my aid. It's not like I did it on purpose, I just couldn't figure out what I wanted lol I find out around the same time I find out about fgc. They said 6-8 weeks which would be anywhere from mid November to early December. Waiting sucks! Lol what about you? Didn't you say you applied to another program for spring too?
  3. by   Tiffany110207
    When I asked they told me I could as long as I had not completed a bachelor's degree because that's when it's no longer available. I hope that's true because that worries me. I didn't even know there was a limit. I just thought it kept going until you finished the degree.. lesson learned! But yeah, I find out about NFCC at the same time pretty much as FGC. They told me I should know by Thanksgiving which is the 22nd. I still have to do my drug test & background check for them on Thursday though & turn in my application by Monday. After that I think time will really start to drag by. It takes so long to find out.
  4. by   sammiesoda
    That's interesting, I'll have to look into that,.. I'm planning on paying out of pocket tho :/ but I've already started looking up scholarships just in case
  5. by   Tiffany110207
    That's a good idea. I should start doing the same just incase. & I found my HESI paper & I was wrong. I didn't get a 98. I had a 96. Still good though. But as for financial aid, I think it would be the same at any school, but maybe talk to 2 different ones to be sure. F.A. seems to be confusing since there are so many factors that change it.
  6. by   sammiesoda
    A 96 is still an awesome score. Take it from me because I usually kill tests and only get an 83-84 on it lol there's this one place WorkSource and if you get into an RN program and meet certain requirements (can't remember what off the top of my head) but they'll help pay for tuition and books. FA is irritating to me because you have to know what questions to asks because no one tells you the important stuff until its too late
  7. by   Tiffany110207
    Hmm, I will have to check into that. I had also came across a website awhile back for scholarships, but it was kinda confusing. I wish the schools told you certain sources because looking online, it's hard to tell which ones are legit and how to go about getting it. The people in financial aid never tell me things, even when I ask. It seems like if I talk to 2 different people, I get 2 different answers. I know at my school they were no longer doing financial aid over the summer semesters unless it was loans, but what I found weird was when I asked FGC about it, they knew nothing about that. So I don't know. I guess we should just wait to see where we get in and get it figured out from there. I know things in their system change once you are actually accepted into a program.
  8. by   sammiesoda
    Waiting definitely has merit lol but try fastweb.com it's great for scholarships and clearly state the requirements. I know that FSCJ only recently started having fa for summer but like you said, fgc just has it. It's all such a hassle, but I guess they figure they're giving us free money so we need to work it out ourselves lol
  9. by   Tiffany110207
    I will look at that & yeah, I'm deff not complaining about free money! lol
  10. by   sammiesoda
    Eh, still the first week of October and I'm already sick of waiting! Lol Hope your classes are going well
  11. by   Tiffany110207
    I know!!! I just took the HESI in Madison yesterday so my wait officially begins. I didn't do so good on it this time, but oh well. What's meant to happen, will happen. My classes now aren't going as good as planned since I'm failing on class. I'm so scared of losing financial aid before January. I can't believe we still have a over a month til we find out! I don't like waiting to find out how we are going to spend the next year of two lol
  12. by   sammiesoda
    Oh no, I hope you are able to bring your grade up. I think that you're financial aid will still be ok as long as your other classes are ok. I agree, whatever happens is supposed to happen I just wish time would pass faster lol
  13. by   Tiffany110207
    You're right. I just called and financial aid told me as long as I pass the others I should be okay. I'm dying waiting too! I'm kinda hoping they tell us a later date than they actually send them just so they don't have a million people calling up there. I feel like mid November is so far away!