FAMU 2013 Spring BSN hopefuls

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    Anybody here applying to FAMU's Spring Semester BSN program? Just sent in my application today

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    Hi there,
    I hand deliver my application yesterday 10/11/12. I hope I get in. I want this more than anything. Good luck to you. If you do not mind me asking, how is ur gpa because the worries me? is that your first time applying. It is a real nice school, hope we get in.
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    Hey! I'm applying for the spring 2013 semester aswell. I'm really nervous too.
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    @future RNBSN My gpa is 3.75. This is my first time applying to FAMU's nursing school. I have faith we all will get in. Good luck everybody. I will be praying for all our acceptance.
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    Did anyone else see under application status that "credentials have been forwarded for departmental approval"? What does that mean?
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    Yes I am as well. Just received an email granting me an interview!
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    Hi Guys,
    I called the school yesterday. they say they were in the process of calling people in for interview. @lovelay09; what does ur email say? I receive one 3 weeks ago about them receiving my application. nothing about interview yet. I have faith we will all make it guys, stay positive!
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    @somekindofstrange I am future RNBSN, I forgot my password so I open a new account. How u doing? I been praying for us as well. we will make it, Stay possitive!
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    I received the email for an interview and will interview on Monday I will be in prayer for us all
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    Does anyone know what the interview is likely to entail?

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