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what do you guys think about everest (tv) college offering a rn program? would it be worth it compared to a community college at citrus after your prerequisites theres a year and a half wait. and... Read More

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    Hello Long,
    I am very nterested in the RN packet, I am strongly considering Everest at this point, its my last option too. Can u please send me the RN packet. Thanks.
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    If you have 50k to waste go ahead this school is a joke they have changed there name so many times its not funny.
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    Be smart....take it from a former student this college is a joke
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    ]Can some one help me or let me know what is the best nursing entrance exam guide, I'm schedule at Everest next month
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    I am not sure which one but it's either gonna be the Hesi or Teas. Call and ask, if not go to your local library and begin studying from both of the study guides now. Good luck, and let me know how it goes girl.
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    Hi jwannab,

    I will be taking the HESI A2 test...
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    Hey everyone! Anyone going to an info session this Feb? Maybe we can all meet up together!

    So far I have 2 classes on waitlist for RCC. I registered at Chaffey too but thanks to budget cuts there are like NO classes available!!! This sucks, so much for trying to get Gen Ed out of the way. I have around 35 units to transfer in so we'll see if I can get into Everest in July!

    Like a lot of you others out there. I have 3 young kids and no time to wait for RCC or Chaffey's "WaitLists". I really don't think that is fair. What people also don't realize is that a lot of the pre-reqs also have pre-reqs so this will take you double the amount of time to finish before you can even get into the Nursing program and that's only if you have high points and pass your Teas, and finish all your sciences..etc...

    Yeah it might be cheaper but I am trying to get this schooling done before my kids graduate High School..jeeze! LOL
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    hello I am Erika Can you message me or write back how you did that and what college did you attend to get your gen. ed out the way. I will appreciate it tons plz and thank you!
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    Considering Everest for Nursing, I would love to hear from a current or graduated student regarding daily class schedule and . I did attend the session held in feb. i currently work which i understand it's not recommended.

    Thank you

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