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I have been researching both schools for a while and now have the guts to get the ball rolling. Are there any other Floridians hoping to start the LPN programs at one of these schools? Which has the best program?... Read More

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    Hi! I am hoping to start Erwin in September for the day class. I haven't taken the TABE or TEAS but I am sort of confident I will do pretty well. Any tips or tricks y'all would suggest? Also, for the tuition did they tell you it had to be payed all up front?

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  2. 0 was a good site I used to study for the TABE. Brewster (the school I was accepted into) doesn't require the TEAS so I didn't have to worry about that part. I advise that you take those two tests as soon as you can because they need to be completed before you can attend the mandatory meeting on May 15 @ Erwin. I assume during the meeting they will discuss tuition and etc.

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