Erwin June 2012??

  1. 0 I just recently took my TABE test and passed all sections with a 12.9. I also have already taken the TEAS version 5 and scored a 77%. I was wondering if anyone else is planning on applying for the June 2012 class?!?!
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    Hey StephDS, I also applied to the LPN program at Erwin Passed both my TABE & TEAS and can't wait to meet everybody at the meeting on March 7th! Hopefully we all get accepted
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    I went to talk to the counselor Friday and she said that she closed the June class early which means everyone attending the meeting should have a spot in the class. If for some reason she has too many students she will go by the date on your application. Im so excited!!
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    awesome! I applied back in November when I took my TABE test, so even if there are more applicants then she expected, I should be golden I can't wait to get started! My friend is in the program set to graduate in June and she has nothing but great things to say about Erwin's LPN program
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    Hello all! I am a little lost on what I should do. I recently applied to PTEC's LPN hybrid program and was denied =( Very upset about it! I was considering Galen just because I've heard so many good things, but the price is outrageous! I recently found Erwin Tech online and was wondering if anyone knows if there is a evening class starting soon?
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    The next class is June and then September and those are both day programs. Im not sure when the next evening one is.
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    Anyone turn in their program application yet? I wanted to beat the crowd and I dropped it off yesterday am! I can't wait to start the 1st part of my nursing career!!
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    Im thinking about applying for the September class, is anyone else planning on attending as well?? I am going to take the TABE test next week, I was denied from the USF RN program, and HCC is just as competitive so im thinking this should be my next step! I was wondering if anyone had some information on the actual program itself, I called the school and the lady just told me basically everything that was listed online. lol

    Does financial aid and bright futures transfer to cover this program? and how do you actually apply to the program? there is no application online!
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    Has anyone gotten their acceptance letters yet???
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    I got mine last week.

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