Does ORMC hire ADN new grads?

  1. Hello! Does ORMC hire new grads with their ADN (and B.S. in another area) into any of their of their ICUs? I have ED experience as a nurse tech 1+ year and lab/phlebo experience of 2.5 years. If so, how does their pay compare to Florida Hospital? Do they require you to start a BSN within one year or any other requirement? When do their new grad cycles start?

    I called the new grad coordinator listed on their site and left I think two messages and called other times over the span of a few weeks and can't seem to get a call back.
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  3. by   frequentFLyER
    Bueller? Bueller?
  4. by   smalltownhero
    Maybe there is a better avenue to take to find your answer, like human resources?
  5. by   beingthankful
    Yes, they hire ADN's into ICU. You may be able to get the BS pay of $23.30 due to your other degree but otherwise its 22.70. They start new grads every week.
  6. by   kabooski
    Only if you contact the hiring manager directly or if you "know someone" If you try to use the online application system, you will find 99% say BSN only, thus "HR" will decline your application. Clinical Nurse I /Clinical Nurse II. Unlike FH, Orlando Health does not have a GN area on their intranet system. A'lot of my BSN (and a few ADN ) classmates got hired cause they where former techs @ Orlando Health or "knew someone". FH has a much better application system and HR department. ORMC/Orlando Health's HR department discriminates against ADN's. The vast majority of my ADN classmates ended up at FH for this reason. Orlando Health also has a proven track record of laying off staff and cutting budgets, including nurses. FH is by far a more financially sound health care system. Non stop expansion.
  7. by   frequentFLyER
    Thanks so much for your responses beingthankful and kabooski. I can't believe they start them every week and it's so different from FH! I appreciate the salary info.

    Not hating on ORMC/Orlando Health at all but I got that feeling, that they're a little snooty toward ADN's. Ah, I'm glad you mentioned their track record! That was one of the main reasons why I didn't truly pursue ORMC. It was only a couple years ago they had a massive lay-off and it made me feel uneasy that it could happen again. I haven't heard of FH really having that problem and like you said, they're constantly expanding.