Dade Medical College Nursing Program any graduates? - page 3

So I am staring the nursing program (ADN) in the next three weeks, I passed the teas test with an score of 85.3 (they only required a 60), they accepted all my pre-requesites from Miami Dade College... Read More

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    I am still in the beginning stages. I have two more classes left until I can test to get in the nursing core. I was told however, at orientation that they give you 30 days notice for your clinical rotation. I attend the Jacksonville campus. So far I am enjoying the classes. It is very fast pace with a lot of independent study.
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    I also am a lpn transitioning to rn, at Dade I will only have to do a year
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    Nurseangelique- I'm in Jacksonville also. I have all prerequisites complete except micro and a&p 2. Are you taking classes online or in class? I am considering the 10a-2pm schedule. Do you have to take ATIs there?
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    No ati's I go from 6-10 on campus, I'm not disaplined enough for online programs lol. I only have a&p2 left which I start tonight & chemistry.
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    I am sorry i just read your post angelique. No i have not started the clnical yet but soon .how arme you doing so far do you like the school? Let me know if you need any advise you can email me at and ask me if you need help with the courses good luck
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    Thank you
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    @thatsnice how is the program going?
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    @Cubangirl2015 I'm taking the precore test in two months but I've been out of school for about two years, I was wondering of you had a study guide or something that could help me study the right stuff for the test ?

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