Dade Medical College Nursing Program any graduates? - page 3

by ananursing12

So I am staring the nursing program (ADN) in the next three weeks, I passed the teas test with an score of 85.3 (they only required a 60), they accepted all my pre-requesites from Miami Dade College so I will go directly into the... Read More

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    @ nurse angelique i can tell you now that the pre core test was not those that you mentione in your post. None of those test. It was in the computer and had 4 portion english, math,science and quemistry. Math and english was not hard everything that we study in the classes is what you need fot the test so it was not hard ok. Anatomy part contains a lot of problem base questions abouth diabetes,muscles,i remember a question about diabetes,urinary system, there was some question regarding microbiology like diptheria - fungus ,they also ask about the cell,eukaryotic,malaria,staphylococci,influenza pandemic,endemic all those we did in micro classes pay attention to anatomy,micro and quemistry which is the hard part of the test but let me tell you just read carefull and you can do it was not that hard that i thought if you had any other question you are welcome to ask i hope this helps u good luck
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    Thanks so much I will definitely study this items.
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    Hi how is it going? Are you in the clinical portion yet?
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    So how did you make out?
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    I don't take my precore assessment until 5/28