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Hello all in Florida! :wavey: My husband and I are seriouslly considering moving to Florida, probablly Ocalla or Jacksonville - he is a stallion mgr here in KY and we figure Ocalla would be our best bet for him to find a good... Read More

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    For anyone who has also relocated, how far in advance do I need to apply for FL RN license?? I keep reading that FL takes a long time to process license applications. I don't want any hold ups when we're ready to move. I can't wait to get the heck out of here and back to the sunny, WARM state of Florida! Thanks.
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    Welcome Hun. Ocala is a great area but really not much to do. But thankfully Orlando and Tampa not far off.

    Lots of horse ranches surrounding for your Hubby.

    I would suggest U sign up with Temp agency called Maxim (or any of the other national ones)now where U live. It is so much easier just stepping into a job. They can usually have U working within the same day/week with a current state license. LOTS of nursing jobs available especially in the larger areas of Orlando/Tampa.
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    Mine took less than a month to get my temp. paper though some places wouldn't accept it right off. It was about 6 weeks though for the "official" document to arrive.
    Get your school documents and other state licensure sent in early!!!
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    Thanks for the info. I am moving from Chicago to Jacksonville area in Jan-Feb.2005 and plan to apply for FL license in July/Aug. to ensure enough time. Does anyone know what (if any) travel nurse companies that Jax hospitals use. Ideally, I would like to make the transition with a travel nurse assignment. All info. is appreciated. Thanks.
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    Yes Maxim has travel nurses but don't know if they have office in Jacksonville.
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