Considering Taylor College in belleview ?

  1. I am a recent graduate of Taylor College and only have positive things to say. I regularly check this website for nclex reviews, questions, etc and when I came across the article regarding the college that I recently graduated from it prompted me to write my own review.

    My situation, as many others out there are dealing with the same situation. I am a single mom and was just trying to find a college that would care about me and want to see me succeed, not just get my money. I had not been in school for a while. After I left my appointment with their admissions girl, I was very impressed. She explained both programs I was considering allowing me to have a better understanding of which program I should choose for my lifestyle. I was considering between R and LPN and ended up choosing their LPN program because i just simply wanted to get started in my career.

    The LPN program is only 12 months compared to almost 2 yrs with the RN. I also got to talk to the financial aid lady while I was there, I didn't have an appointment but she saw me and answered all of my questions about how much money I could get towards school and what scholarships I would qualify for being a single parent.

    I left and immediately completed my admissions paperwork so I could try to secure my spot in the class. When I got my acceptance letter I was so nervous - but excited. I was not sure how I was going to balance being a mom, working, and going to school full time. All of the instructors that I had were great. There were some that were not always in a positive mood but you can't be in a positive mood all the time right?

    I really struggled with A&P and thought I was going to fail, but I spoke with my teacher and they tutored me enough that I passed! I went to clinical sites in Ocala, Citrus and Belleview and got to experience different settings in each site. I really liked my clinical instructors as they seemed so passionate about each place we went. When I graduated the program I was so happy and just excited to see my daughter watch me walk across the stage and get my diploma.

    Everyone has their own opinion about where they went to school but I wanted to make sure I let people know how I felt about Taylor College. If you want to go somewhere that really wants to see you succeed then I definitely recommend this school. I am now working as a LPN and loving every minute of it. I am even considering taking their bridge program in a few years!

    Good luck everyone!
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  3. by   DYLAN3
    I recommend this school to everyone, I want to tell you about my experiences at Taylor, its amazing for someone to write a nasty blog about instructors and clinical rotations. I am sure they were upset because they were failing or had some kind of disiplinary action against them. I had great experiences while at this school, the instructors met with me on a sunday before i was scheduled to take my NCLEX exam and we reviewed every system together, and this was not the first time they have done this. i have seen many of the staff walk by and hug a student when they heard they passed an exam. I received support from everyone and i remember an incident at clinical that made me realize i had chosen the best school in our area, the instructor had spent so much time with us students explaining a procedure that after the rotation was finished the hospital actually offered me a position upon graduation which i took and still employeed. I will go back to Taylor College to bridge up to get my RN because they are the only school that has a designated license for LPN-RN in the Marion county area and as a LPN I do not want to be crammed into a class with others just starting out. GO and talk to them and you will agree with me.
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    Can u guys tell me approximately how much the program costs? Thanks!