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Hello! I just recently passed the NCLEX-RN in CA and I'm in the process of applying for licensure by reciprocity here in FL. I did the application online, submitted my payment then when I logged back into my account, it gave me... Read More

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    FL is not hard at all to get a license assuming everything is all clear. It is really hard to get jobs in certain areas though. Especially in the Jax area because there are a ton of nursing schools here.

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    I spoke to a recruiter in one of the big hospitals in Broward and he told me that a few hospitals are cutting back and a lot of the nurses are moving over to Broward hospitals. Of course they get priority since they have experience. Then he said that they consider internal candidates and new graduates who were given scholarships by the hospitals. And then they consider people who went to school in Florida and then they consider out of state. He also told me that the new graduates like myself are having a tough time getting jobs in South Florida or all of Florida. He also said that they start the new grads out at $22.50/hr which I think is really low esp cause the cost of living is not so cheap down there. And he said that they get 100s of applications a week and now they are starting to get back to people who applied back in May 2011 and keep in mind they graduate nurses at 3 times a year. So basically the conversation was nothing I am still not sure if I want to spend so much applying for a license for a state that most likely have no jobs for new graduates pretty sad, right?

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