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Have been hearing that BC will be requiring math prerequisite and may be dropping Chemistry pre-req for nursing program for students starting Jan 2013. Please post any specific information you have received from the school. I... Read More

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    Does anyone have any notes or HESI info that will help me study? If you do and don't mind sharing my email is
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    Quote from rocky0420
    Does anyone have any notes or HESI info that will help me study? If you do and don't mind sharing my email is
    I have yet to take the HESI but I do some information that help you better prepare for it. Will email you asap.
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    For everyone attending the pre-admissions meeting on Friday. MAKE SURE YOU ARE ON TIME!
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    I have yet to take it as well...I'm still preparing myself since they have changed their hesi requirement along with the option to only take it twice within a 6 month period.
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    New here. Can't wait till Friday!
    I've (WE!) have come soooo far.
    Great things await us in life and we can make a difference in other peoples lives and thats the BEST part of being a nurse IMHO.
    Good luck to all and lets take FULL advantage of this wonderfull oppurtunity.
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    Congratulation. I just submitted my application for May 2013 and I'm very scared because my GPA is a 3.1. However, I scored high on the HESI. If you don't mind, what was you GPA and HESI scores??
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    Congrats. I just submitted my application. I have 8 points with a HESI score of 90%, so hopefully I'm selected.
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    GPA: 3.7
    HESI: 87.2% overall
    Congrats and Good Luck!
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    Also, you can improve your GPA by taking a math you didnt take yet (as I did), or taking Micrbiology, or taking Chem, or Chem II, and give it all you got!!!
    You CAN do it. And keep applying
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    And I heard that May is for the LPN to RN program. But I heard that that is not true as well. IDK?
    I applied for the August start, but got rejected and was told that August is Hyper super competative, and the GPA's accepted were 3.7 and higher. I was told that I could probably get in the January program as the GPA's are less competative. But I took a math that I didnt take before, studied all day and night, didnt have a life for 8 weeks (summer class) and pulled an A. Hence, I am now accepted. So keep applying!
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