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Have been hearing that BC will be requiring math prerequisite and may be dropping Chemistry pre-req for nursing program for students starting Jan 2013. Please post any specific information you have... Read More

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    It's a legit piece of paper with two sides and I don't have time with work and school to type it all up. :O If you go to the Nursing building at North, I'm sure they'll give you a copy and you can look at the sample. I made them look at my papers to make sure I had the right ones lol.

    Remember, the binder set and the folder set are due in a few days.
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    I actually ended up stopping by north and saw the sample.. thanks anyway
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    So other than the binder and the folder set, what else do we have to turn in? I'm scared I forgot something :/
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    I'm sure we were all given clear and concise instructions as to what to turn in, how they want it turned in and by what deadline they expect to receive it. Its not rocket science, guys. If you can't follow simple instructions as to how to put together a simple folder, I TRULY wish you the best of luck throughout the program because you're going to need it. I know most of us are nervous, even scared.. that's ok and it's perfectly normal- you are not alone! For that reason, we need to READ every bit of instruction they supply to us and if you're still confused READ IT AGAIN, study it, eat it, sleep with it.. Once that program starts you all better be kickin @$$ and taking names. So turn in that damn binder and put your big kid pants on.. its time to get to work!
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    Hey guys i got a question. Is it mandatory to purchase the uniforms from the school store, or can we purchase similar uniforms from other stores but just got to make sure that i have the school emblem on it.
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    Can anyone tell me if we really need all of those books on Prof. Brickman's website? I know the Perry Potter books are a must as well the pharmacology and dosage calculations. I already ordered those oneBay and
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    Hey, does anyone know what day the portfolios are due? Hahahaha, only kidding! Relax. Good luck all tomorrow
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    Looks like the Lab teachers have been assigned. Good luck all.
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    Medical Errors, my last certificate. Alas, was not to be... Class, 6p-8p. Got there early as usual. 6p, nada. 6:15, nada, no teach in sight. 6:30p, 6:45p, 6:55pm, nada, zilcho. It wasnt to be I guess. I hope the teacher is OK. We did have an RN teach the class, so I guess we can still get certificates. I couldnt see why? Anyway, I'm goint for chicken wings and catch the second half of the Heat game. Ufff!
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    But the RN who taught the class was a student as well.
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    Does anyone have a list of the books we need for next semester I wanna get them now to be prepared?
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    Quote from barbs123
    Does anyone have a list of the books we need for next semester I wanna get them now to be prepared?
    I was told at the book store.
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    Broward College Nursing packaged Scrub tops
    sized: Medium 2 for $28
    Originally $25 each at BC bookstore
    great condition, and bought from BC bookstore
    contact: Tina
    (If interested) (954)513-0793

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