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Have been hearing that BC will be requiring math prerequisite and may be dropping Chemistry pre-req for nursing program for students starting Jan 2013. Please post any specific information you have received from the school. I... Read More

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    Quote from nicolettebarbera
    Has anyone registered for the nursing classes yet for January ?
    I read somewhere (maybe on this blog) that you get a password of some kind at orientation in order to register. Does anyone know how that works?

    ALso, I checked the classes for winter semester and have a question. The schedule fo clinicals are as follows:

    Central campus - 6:30am - 7:00pm T W
    North campus - 6:30am - 2:00pm T W
    South campus - 6:30am - 6:30 pm T OR W

    Does anyone know how it actually works? That's a big difference in the # of hours so I can't believe it's right...
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    We cant register for classes until we attend orientation and sign that we accept our seat. We will be given course reference numbers at orientation to pick classes,as well as what day we are able to register.. as far as clinicals, i am not sure about the times..
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    No nursing students can register for classes until after the orientation session. After you accept your offered seat, we will be told how to sign up for them. As long as you go to the session and sign your contract, they'll explain it all.
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    OMG THAT IS ALOT HOURS! Especially since im new to all of this. This is going to be so much fun!!!!
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    Quote from wwick13
    Look at your acceptance email, it says do all the HSC certifications( the cpr, dom violence, etc) BC wants you to take all these short classes with them. One hsc# has an option to be online aka the CAE#.....all this has to be done before jan. You should go see a counsiler.
    Okay thank you (:

    Also, I tried to register for the HSC class but they have like 6 different ones... Which ones do we need to complete??
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    Quote from lina_marcela07
    Okay thank you (:Also, I tried to register for the HSC class but they have like 6 different ones... Which ones do we need to complete??
    See post 328.
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    Im an on my second semester on the online option. Clinicals work the same for generic or online. The first week you will go T and W. After the first week you are assigned either a T or a W. Basically the entire semester has two weeks only where you have to go both days.

    The hours for the other weeks are from 7:30 to around 4:30, when you go to the hospital (usually the last weeks of each half) you have to be there by 6:30 and stay until around 4:30pm. I hope this helps.
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    Oh, neat. So clinicals start immediately?
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    Quote from YourSoulVain
    Oh, neat. So clinicals start immediately?
    No clinicals won't start until about half way through the semester.
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    Through the first one? Clinicals are the only thing I never asked about because I figured we had to learn what we were doing first lol.

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