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Have been hearing that BC will be requiring math prerequisite and may be dropping Chemistry pre-req for nursing program for students starting Jan 2013. Please post any specific information you have... Read More

  1. by   barbs123
    I am going to north and I was looking at the nur Process syllabus and it says something about the TABE test ... Does anyone know what they r talking about ? And another question what kind of shoes r required for clinical ?
  2. by   wwick13
    Quote from barbs123
    I am going to north and I was looking at the nur Process syllabus and it says something about the TABE test ... Does anyone know what they r talking about ? And another question what kind of shoes r required for clinical ?
    all white leather athletic shoes

    tabe is a reading test we have to take 1-2013.pdf
  3. by   wwick13
    Quote from MurseMike33322
    Quote, not mine, hope it helps:

    "Hi I'm a nursing student at North Campus. I know its stressful and nerve racking to see if you've been accepted. A word of advice if admissions say you'll know by the 15th you will know on the 15th and not a day before. Also if your not accepted don't. Worry they always do a second round of letters are sent out two weeks after the 15th. Many students either defer or decline their seats.
    When you do get accepted my best advice is buy the Perry and Potter fundamentals of Nursing book. Out of pocket don't wait for financial aid. Its a lot of reading in the program and if you can get a headstart then ready set go! It will be worth every dollar once you start! Exam 1 covers vital signs,health assessment,saftey,hygiene,documentation and nursing process! Told you its a lot! Get the book start reading you'll be glad you did!!!!! Another nugget of advice testing is not anything you've done before its all critical thinking! Do the review questions at the end of the chapters! good luck!!

    "Clinical Nursing Skills & Techniques, 7th edition, perry and potter " is another book that i would assume we need before class??? what do you guys think?

    (This is from north)
  4. by   barbs123
    Thanks for the information ! Do u know if all white Nikes would work then?
  5. by   wwick13
    Quote from barbs123
    Thanks for the information ! Do u know if all white Nikes would work then?
    if they are all leather then yes...I will begin my shoe hunt soon

    Do you know what the uniforms are like (ex. maker and color)? I want to buy them on amazon, bc it will be cheaper.Previous classes on here suggested amazon for getting everything to save a lot of money.
  6. by   Kranca1000
    Still looking for fellow Central students living in the South Miami/Cutler Ridge area. Anyone else here making long distance drives for the next 5 semesters?
  7. by   MurseMike33322
    Dont forget meeting at 9:30a-3:30pm today. Bldg 8, Rm 232.
  8. by   lex7626
    Has anyone attending North seen the sample portfolio, or does anyone have any pics?
  9. by   BCangel2bRN
    I wanted to go, and sent email to them when & where we can see it, but I didn't get any reply yet.

    Is your ready? I almost finished mine.
  10. by   lex7626
    I emailed them a week ago, no answer either.. I am almost done also just need a few more things
  11. by   MurseMike33322
    The binder: not so complex. Get a big fat 3 ring binder from staples and get a bunch of plastic inserts that are see through that you can put all your certs and stuff, docs, immunizations ect... Put them in the order that was explained in the email you recieved on Nov 5th, the one prior to our Friday pre orientation meeting (see below)

    2) Admission Documents: Due. Friday December 7, 2012 (May turn in documents before if everything is complete)
    * Submit all documents at one time
    * Have 3 copied sets of original documents: 1 set for submission and 1 set for student portfolio and 1 set for student records.
    * Place documents in order following listing order below in “documents required” section.
    * Documents organized by:
    * One complete set of all documents with the original physical, original background & drug screen, and copies of all other documents paper clipped together (In listed order for submission to office file).
    * 1 full set in student portfolio with physical copy and original certificates and CPR card. (In listed order) (For student portfolio).
    * All nursing program admission documents are to be current and on file by due date to remain eligible for acceptance to the nursing program.
    * A portfolio (folder) is required for Nursing Students to maintain and store their set/copies of all listed documents.
    * Students are required to maintain their portfolio admission documents current with a copy of any renewals submitted to the nursing while enrolled in the nursing program.
    * Portfolios are reviewed first clinical week throughout the nursing program.
    1. Health-Physical Exam: Follow Directions on form and Guide practitioner providing the physical exam to follow all required directions on the Broward College Physical Form.(Annual Update)
    * HEALTH FORM: BC Health form required for physical submission with appropriate health care professional listed on health form directions.
    * ATTACH REPORTS: All required/requested attachments must be complete (eg; lab test results, chest-xray report if required per physical instructions, etc….
    * CAE Certificates: (Renew biannual) All certificates must contain a Florida Board of Nursing provider number (FBN#) and/or Florida approved nursing CE Broker#, including updates. Must have listed number of hours.
    * TB/OSHA/Hepatitis 6 hours
    HIV/AIDS Certificate 4 hours
    * CPR Card-Basic Life Support for Health Care Professionals—8 or 3 or 4 hours. The CPR form must only be from the American Heart Association or the American Red Cross.
    * Prevention of Medical Errors 2 hours
    * Domestic Violence 2 hours
    * Health Care Career course Certificate- 75 hours
    o Or waiver with a Current Florida or national license/certificate in another health care profession that includes direct patient care such as Respiratory Therapy, Certified Nursing Assistant, Paramedic or Practical Nurse. In addition to a copy of the license/certificate the student will need to submit a letter from the employer on the original letterhead verifying recent in-field employment.
    Background and Drug Screen:
    * Certificate of completion online background check
    * Background Fingerprinting Federal Screening
    * Drug Screening

    Thats it!

    Luck Ya'll!
  12. by   BCangel2bRN
    well... I didn't get this email :/
  13. by   StephanieMC12
    Are any of you guys planning on working during the program?