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Have been hearing that BC will be requiring math prerequisite and may be dropping Chemistry pre-req for nursing program for students starting Jan 2013. Please post any specific information you have... Read More

  1. by   lex7626
    Quote from Raynay12
    Hello, this is the first time I've posted, My status went from In-Review to Pre-Admission (I never saw accepted). I hope that means good news. I only was awarded 6 points for GPA (thought my GPA was higher) and 1 point for broward resident. Also I scored a 95% total on the hesi. Good luck everyone.
    Preadmission means you got in!!! Congrats!! We should be getting the email with orientation info soon!!!
  2. by   benincasa
    I just called again... If your status said accepted, you will be changed to pre-admission if you have not already been changed. No one will be in accepted until after the pre-admissions meeting.

    So if it says pre-admissions, we can all be

    Also, they said letters would go out in the next day or two.
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  3. by   francy405
    Mine said Pending Seat Availability1! I called and they said I am an alternate if someone drops out. Did anyone else get this?? Or am I next in line???
  4. by   YourSoulVain
    It means that you qualify, but seats have been filled. During the pre-admission orientation, we will sign our name to whether we want to keep our seats or not. When people decline their offered seats (which they will), alternates will be offered seats based on how many become available.
  5. by   StephanieMC12
    PRE-ADMISSION!!!! Congrats everyone!!!
  6. by   lua92
    Is Pre-admission the same as accepted? cause thats what I got.
    Congrats everyone!!!!!!
  7. by   lua92
    Sorry I posted out of excitement without reading previous
    Congrats everyone!!!! And for all that are still waiting just be patient im sure you'll be fine
    BC is just kinda slow.
  8. by   Kranca1000
    Spoke with the secretary in Central, I asked if Pre-Admission means we have been accepted and she said yes! We will be receiving our emails shortly! Ahh! I'm so thrilled! I had 9 points and 88 on HESI, I honestly didn't think I stood a chance.
  9. by   Jpgalo
    I got Pre-Admission but im still unsure till i get that email. But in any case I just want to say congratulation to every one who made it. Let this be a matovation to keep up a great job in finishing off this semester; whom ever are still taking classes. And let this be a marker on our lives of how far we have come as an individual, and how further we will grow as we progress in this profession. The road is not an easy one, and the trail may seem misleading at times but in the end the journey will be an unforgettable and the reward priceless. Good luck to Every one, and i hope to see you all at the meeting when we hopefully get the mail.
  10. by   wwick13
    Anyone get the email yet?
  11. by   lex7626
    Nope nothing yet
  12. by   javib86
    I got in!!!! 9 points and a 95% on the HESI!I'm so excited to start!
  13. by   francy405
    Congrats! Did anyone else get alternate pending seat availability???? I was wondering if a lot of ppl got that an how you find out which place your in??