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  1. I am taking A&P I and lab, HCP0130, and CHM1032 this semester- next semester (summer) I am finishing up my last pre-req, A&P II and lab, as well as taking MCB2010 and lab. I am wondering how difficult the A&P I lab practical at the end of the semester is and what all it entails. Will we be looking at models and microscope slides and asked to name from our memory, or will it be multiple choice, or matching, or....? Our teacher is simply not the most communicative about this information. :]

    Our HCP class I am also wondering how the final will go when we have to perform everything we've been practicing over the semester- and do you need to do everything PERFECT to pass? Thanks for all of the clarification. And I'm not asking because I want an ''easier way out'' or anything of that sort, myself and my husband have A's in our classes, I'm asking for clarification so that I may do the best that I can, and so I know what to focus and study on.

    Does anyone know if there is any tutoring for math for the HESI or study group? I would like to brush up on my math skills before taking the test.
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  3. by   nlion87
    A and P lab final has models/bones etc. set up where you need to identify things as well as slides and tissues under the microscope. All LRCs at central north and south have slides models and bones that you can review during hours of operation up until the final. In fact, when I took my class at south the LRC had a mock final of sample stations similar to the set up you encounter on test day. THey usually schedule the mock final the last week of class. Check with the LRC to see if they still do this
  4. by   2bnursejacksonrn
    Its still pretty tough, so take pictures of everything at the practical reviews. And study, study, study!