Bethune-Cookman Nursing program Spring 2013

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    Is anyone applying to Bethune-Cookman spring 2013 nursing program? I am currently in the
    process of applying and getting my cpr card, immunization records, and teas together.
    I would love to hear from applicants

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    I would like to attend Bethune Cookman's Nursing program but I am scared because the tuition is a little steep. It just seems cheaper to me to attend a ADN program and bridge over to a BSN online. Unless you have a source or scholarship you can rack up 40 K in debt from Bethune Cookman's nursing program.
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    That's very true. I know scholarships are offered, finicial aid, and loans. The ADN online bridge is a good idea also and better on the wallet. But i'm going to apply there anyways and try my luck...if it doesn't happen than i'l try my luck somewhere else.
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    Bethune_Cookman does have nursing scholarships, but you have to have at least 1 semester under your belt to get anything significant. You should do research. i did, and i got 2 scholarships. If you beleive in a god, I pray about it. if you don't, do a rain dance. anything helps. If its meant to be, you'll have it.

    i'll tell you one thing, in many hopsitals in FL they are phasing out hiring new gran ADNs. I wouldnt want you to get your ADN, look for a job, and have very limited employment options (ALFs or SNFs). If you like working in ALFs and SNFs that works well for you.

    I personally HATE working SNFs and ALFs

    That's why i went straight for my BSN.
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    I am a current Bethune-Cookman Nursing student. I am very happy with my decision to attend BCU. Class sizes are small and the instructors are willing to do anything and everything they can to ensure our success as nursing students. As far as ADN vs BSN, even if you don't attend BCU, I strongly recommend any BSN program over a two year + bridge. You spend less time in school and have more job opportunities with better salaries. Another thing to consider is the programs accreditation. There are a lot of for profit schools (Keiser, Remington, University of Pheonix, etc.) that offer nursing degrees but those degrees do not transfer to state universities. That being said, if you wanted to continue on for a MSN or DPN you would only be eligible at certain schools. I wish you the best in whatever decision you make. I hope you apply for BCU, we are a great school and have a lot of talented and diverse students in our school of nursing. Nursing will be my second degree and Cookman is the fifth college I have attended. Trust me, I have been around the college scene and from personal experience I would have to say that Bethune-Cookman School of Nursing is a great program. Hope this helps!
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    wow! it is very great to hear from people already in the program!! thank you so much for your responses. I just finished my pre-reqs pretty much so i have been getting applications done and trying to get into a spring bsn program. I am interested in Bethune-Cookman but have never been to Daytona Beach so i have no idea what to expect from the city or school. I am worried about the money part but feel that the money is worth it in the long run. I hope i get into their program. I currently have a 3.20 overall with 3.3 in science...(A's and MOSTLY B's...I tried my Best!)

    Do you think that my G.P.A is good enough to get into their program? and what score did you get on your teas??...I'm taking mine on thursday!

    Thanks again for your thoughts and help!!
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    Well, all of you have convinced me to apply to Bethune-Cookman. This time I will appreciate and try my hardest in the nursing program. You only need a 70 on the TEAS for Bethune. They just want the national average.
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    welp i got a 66.7% on my teas today. Looks like i blew my chances at getting in next semester
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    Quote from Jsica
    welp i got a 66.7% on my teas today. Looks like i blew my chances at getting in next semester

    That doesn't mean anything. I know people who got ALOT less than a 70 and got in. They didn't say what they got, but it damn sure wasn't a 70.

    They do look for 70's, but that's definately NOT a deal breaker.

    Don't fret. You'll get in. Honestly, its not about getting into the program, its about STAYING in the program. If you get less than an 80 on a test, you have to meet with the instructor.... if you dont, you cant sit for the following exam. If you get less than a 78 on a test, you fail.

    78-84 = C

    85-92= B

    93 and up =A
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    Thanks Darkstar1485 that makes me feel a whole lot better! and you are right!...even when i do get in thats the easy part and only the beginning.

    I think i will just try for fall 2013 instead of rushing to get all this done with the deadline around the corner. I wouldn't want to get all this done and be denied because my teas score.

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