Attitude and teaching style of USF's nursing programs?

  1. I am applying to USF's second degree sequence, among others. On paper/web their program looks stellar. I have also been reading online how competitive their admission process is. All of which looks great.

    What I want to know, from current students, is how good is the quality of the faculty.

    My situation is this, right now I am in a horrible nursing program in the mid-west (whose name I will not mention) and looking to relocate. There are many reasons I think so poorly of my current BSN program.
    For one repeated cheaters are allow to stay, with little consequence to them. We have two students who failed their urinalysis test (more than one test) and are still in the program. We have had two students who were kicked out of the program entirely last year that are back in the program.

    The biggest reason I am moving on from this program, even if it means starting over, is the attitude of the faculty. Recently we had an instructor/NP resign from teaching at our school. Her reason for resigning was she could not tolerate the personal mission/attitude of our dean and faculty. The last faculty meeting she went to was a discussion on how the faculty could make students fail or find reasons to kick them out of the program.
    As outrageous as this may sound, I believe this to be true. This semester there were more than a few instructors that were having contest to see who could be the biggest bully.
    Needless to say I am not willing to learn in an environment like this. As far as I am concerned it is an educators job to help their student succeed and learn as much as they can. Not see how many ways they can make them fail.

    For me Florida/USF would be a huge change, but one I am gladly willing to make for the right reasons.

    Back to my original question,

    What is the faculty like at USF?
    What is the overall program like?
    For the people who answer this question, have you had any problems like the ones I described above in either of USF's BSN programs?
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  3. by   usfgirl
    I was only a pre-nursing student there, but I can tell you that the faculty members are so nice and caring! I was able to attend a meeting with a club where some of the faculty were present and they were very kind and encouraging. Time and time again, they reiterated how they WANT you to succeed and that they are there to help you do that. I heard from actual nursing students that the program is awesome. The accelerated program is even more competitive than the traditional BSN because there are fewer spots, but you can also apply to the traditional BSN as well, I believe. I don't know the amount of applicants/accepted for the accelerated program, but the traditional program accepted about 72 out of 500 or so applicants for Fall 2013. Keep in mind also that they generally accept fewer people for the summer semester.