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I would like to hear from anyone that went through the GN program at Florida Hospital. How did you like it, did you feel it made your transition from new grad to nurse more smooth? How do you like working for FH? Any... Read More

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    Hello! I had a phone interview or "prescreen" about a week and a half ago. I am from out of state but FH is my number one choice! I am getting so anxious! I applied to multiple positions but my heart is saying Women's Services or Pediatrics. Do you know if we will hear from them either way? The HR recruiter said they will know how many they will hire in two weeks. That would be this week! Also, if we made it this far, what do you think our odds are? I wonder how many applied, interview and hire? What are all of your backgrounds IF I get this position I will be in need of some friends! (I am moving 1000 miles away from home!)

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    Also, what does your jobpage say?
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    Hi Bronx!

    I was told they will let you know either way by email or phone call if they want to pursue an interview. I am not sure of our odds lol. As good as anyone else I guess. I was told there were hundereds of applicants. Gettting pass pre-screening is always a plus! What do you mean by jobpage?
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    If you log in with your user name and password on the website then click on jobpage.
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    Ok thats what i thought you meant. It just has a list of the 6 different departments my application and resume were sent to and the job submission status under each one.
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    okay, I am worried because the job status says inactive (no longer taking submissions) but the Submission Status says under initial review and says updated for the day I had my phone inverview
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    interview sorry silly new "smartphone"
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    no worries, mine says the same thing.
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    GOOD!!! What departments did you apply for?
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    Peds, OR, Surg PCU, Multisystem ICU, Rehabilitation, and Oncology. How bout yourself? Peds is my top choice but either way I think I will learn a lot in any of the departments. If I had phone numbers I would call myself and ask..."are you gonna call me anytime soon??" lol. I need work

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